Ford Cars

Ford Australia is the main Australian branch of the Ford Motor Company. The Ford Motor Company of Australia was founded in 1925 in Geelong, Victoria as part of Ford Canada. At the time Ford Canada and Ford USA were separate entities and had been given manufacturing rights by Henry Ford. It has a long history as the Ford international headquarters in Australia. Ford Australia has the distinction of being the only automobile manufacturing company in Australia to make their original high-volume engine designs.

Ford Australia has two main manufacturing facilities today, one in Greelog and the other in Melbourne. The first automobiles produced by Ford Australia were the Model T and Model A Fords. The company showed themselves as innovative in 1934, by releasing the first couple utility in the world. This car was designed to be a combination between the working vehicle and the luxury car. Farmers in the Australian regions could get bank loans for a work vehicle, but the couple utility was equally nice for driving the family to church or to do the household shopping.

Many cars have been assembled for distribution from Ford Australia over the decades including the Ford Telstar, Mazda, Fiesta, Focus, Laser, Corsair, Zodiac, Zephyr, Escort and Pilot. Fords have been popular cars and are well reviewed. Ford Australia has been the center for assembly of everything from hatchbacks to large luxury models for Ford worldwide, but the actual Australian market has not always been receptive to buy the same cars as other countries which has inplications for vehicle accessories and the price of Ford car insurance

The American and Australian automobile lines parted ways during the 1960s over inconsistencies in automobile standards. This separation of the product lines has had positive outcomes for the Ford Australia company overall. It has allowed the company to expand the specialization of their home product lines and cater to the needs of the Australian customers specifically. There was nothing that their company could have been better at doing.

A prime example being the Ford Falcon which was originally assembled by Ford Australia in 1960, but this model needed a great deal of revision to meet the standards for Australian driving conditions. Once re-engineered for Australian needs the Falcon has become the top selling car for Ford Australia. The Falcon line now offers, sedans, utility vehicles and is predominantly used for taxis in New Zealand and Australia. The sister to the Falcon called the Ford Fairlane has an equally positive reputation and has become used extensively for police vehicles in the Australian region. Another success story for Ford Australia is the Ford Territory which has been the top SUV in the country since being released in 2004.

The Ford Falcon and Ford Territory were both in the top 10 Australian car models sold in July 2011. This is quite a feather in the historic cap of Ford Australia. The Ford Motor Company of Australia has show itself to be both innovative and progressive in the modern automobile industry. Ford Australia is an important part of international automobile manufacturing and will be an industry leader well into this century.