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Future Environmentally Friendly Ford Cars

Ford has a number of environmental-friendly vehicles coming out within the next few years that will help people to reduce their carbon footprints. Greenhouse gases, the sum of which equals a carbon footprint for an individual, are emitted through all different types of energy transfer. It could be from transportation and land clearance, to the production and consumption of food, fuel, and manufactured goods. Many of the modern gas guzzling trucks and SUVs that are so popular today, are actually major contributors to the high level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Ford is making a change with its new line of environmentally-friendly cars soon to be on the market, which is something our Earth will be thankful for in the future.

Ford’s new 2012 Focus Electric, coming out in late 2011, runs off a high voltage lithium-ion battery that reduces energy loss and heat generation, therefore lessening the carbon footprint of the driver. The new Focus gets up to 100 miles per charge on the 23 kwh battery, and can be re-charged in about 3-4 hours. A 120 volt convenience cord comes with the car, making it easy to literally just plug it into an outlet in the garage using a standard 120 volt outlet. This is a great commuter car, with the drawback being that it obviously is not practical for round trips over 100 miles.

Another option for Ford buyers who want an efficient car, but need the option of taking it on longer rides, are the two different 2013 C-Max car versions. One is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle called the C-Max Energi, a hybrid that also utilizes rechargeable batteries, while the other is the C-Max Hybrid. The C-Max Energi is truly the first of its kind, with over a 500 mile driving range between the battery and engine. This is unprecedented in both plug-in and extended-range vehicles, and gives buyers the option of taking it on longer drives without having to stop for a few hours to recharge the batteries. The C-Max Hybrid is also breaking new ground, as it is expected to be more efficient than the 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid, currently the most fuel-efficient sedan.

Ford is really making an effort to manufacture fuel-efficient, environmentally-friendly cars in a groundbreaking new way. Between the 2012 Focus Electric, and the two C-Max versions, consumers will soon have the opportunity to take advantage of Ford’s new technology with their latest models. The most important factor to consider when deciding between the Ford Electric and the Ford Hybrid, is the primary use of the car. If it is generally as a commuter automobile, for trips under 100 miles round trip, then Electric is the way to go. However, if the occasional road trip may be necessary, then one of the C-Max versions would be the best choice. Figure out what you need, and Ford will do the rest.